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Don’t Make This Mistake In Your Marketing

Don’t Make This Mistake In Your Marketing! What mistake?  Four Words. Not using an autoresponder.

The Nutcracker Ballet – Our Family Tradition


The Nutcracker has been a long standing tradition in our home.  In fact, my daughter Ashley danced with the Charleston Ba

It’s All About Personal Freedom

It’s All About Personal Freedom

When people ask me WHY I do what I do, it’s all about personal freedom.

It’s not about the money for the sake of having money,

How Your Brain Works With Negative Or Positive Thoughts

John Assaraf registration link for Brain-A-Thon. Your brain responds to negative and positive thoughts. Discover how that works.

Help Getting Started In Your Home Based Business

Help Getting Started In Your Home Based Business. There is lots of help out there for you to start your business. The bigger questions are these….

Are You Asking Whether Or Not You Can I Do This?

Can I succeed in business? Can I succeed in a home based business? Here’s a list of questions you should ask yourself.

Is Empower Network Real You Ask?

Is Empower Network real? Take a look here.

The Magic Of Day 1

Day 1… A different perspective of Day 1 of any journey, especially a life changing journey can be excited when you approach it from the right angle.

What Is Entrepreneurship In A Nutshell?

What is entrepreneurship in a nutshell? Discover how simple the decision making and getting started process is. There’s enough room for what you have to offer